Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan organized a press meeting and made evaluations on the “26th Universal Postal Congress” to be hosted by Turkey. Also participating in the press conference was Post and Telegraph Organization Corporation (PTT Corp.) Chairman of Board and Director General Kenan Bozgeyik.

In the statement he delivered to the press, Minister Arslan informed that the “26th Universal Postal Congress” would be organized on 20 September-7 October in Istanbul. Expressing that the congress, during which decisions to steer the future of the global postal sector will be taken, would be attended by around 2 thousand 500 delegates from 192 countries, Arslan said, “Within the body of the United Nations, the Universal Postal Congress is organized once every four years. To be held for the first time in our country upon the invitation of our esteemed Prime Minister, the congress will determine the World Postal Strategy that will run between 2017-2020. The new strategy will be referred to as the ‘Istanbul Strategy’ all around the world. At the end of the congress period of around two weeks, Turkey will assume the Chair of the Council of Administration of the Universal Postal Union.” Arslan stated that since most of the documents will be conveyed to the delegates on electronic platform, the congress will be referred as “paper smart”.


Minister Arslan emphasized the importance of Turkey hosting an organization of this scale following the coup attempt of 15 July and went on to add: “The fact that an international organization is taking place in our country following the coup attempt of 15 July, which none of us wanted and which we all denounce and curse, is something we care about very much, something we stress a lot. After the coup attempt of 15 July many countries put in extreme effort to not have the congress organized in Turkey, to have it shifted somewhere else. However, they probably are not aware today – just like they were not yesterday – of Turkey’s strength, Turkey’s position in the world, since they could think that the place of this congress could change, could be changed. We, however, defended on every single platform that our country’s stability continues, that our country would run all of its projects with no interruptions and with no room for delay; and I think we took an important step in terms of keeping the congress in Turkey. This congress is important in this regard, as well. Since around a month and half, those who do not want us had been showing extraordinary effort to have the congress shifted somewhere else. However, with our friends, with those who support us, with regard to the stability and the support of those trusting our country, this congress is taking place in Turkey. I attach much importance to it as the pioneer of the congresses to come. Allah willing, the congress will be beneficial to our country, our sector, our people.”


Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan pointed out to the globalization, technological advances and changing human habits in the present day and remarked, “In the light of all this, thousands of bureaucrats and men of politics who govern the global postal sector will come together and take many important decisions in order for the global postal sector to keep track of change and keep up with technology.” Stating, “The importance attributed by the AK Party governments to the sector ever since the very first day and the momentum PTT has gained, the point it has reached is known to everyone. PTT and the postal sector have become so strong that Turkey’s postal sector and our PTT, its representative, have come to a point capable of leading, commanding the world.” Arslan added: “Certainly in the postal sector we are talking about a market of heavy competition. In this market, our PTT has acquired a renewing structure that can both take its own decisions and adapt to the changing conditions. Just as in the entire world, PTT, too, aims to constantly renew itself and meet its customers’ needs and to even go beyond that and predict beforehand the expectations of the customers, rapidly apply innovations and position itself, reassert its role within the sector in the global sense. The congress, which will start on 20 September and end on 7 October will be of use to the entire postal sector that shares the same quest; will administer the Istanbul Strategy and take the entire postal sector, in particular PTT, a step further. From now on, the responsibility we shoulder is not to carry the postal sector in Turkey to a certain point but to take decisions on the global postal sector and to administer these decisions. Thus, we will put our entire effort into ensuring that the congress organized in Istanbul, the apple of the eye of the world, is a success.”


Underlining that it is a very important demonstration of Turkey’s stability and the ongoing trust in Turkey that it is hosting in the current process the “26th Universal Postal Congress”, Arslan said, “Of course, of significance in doing this is the tremendous efforts of mainly our Prime Minister, our Minister of Foreign Affairs and his team, our Minister of the Interior and his team, my colleagues at the Ministry, PTT Board of Directors, PTT staff, members of PTT. I would like to thank them in particular. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my thanks once again; the fact that our nation stood up for its will, that our nation stood up for us and the road which we walk motivates us even further, I would like to thank them, as well. I believe that Istanbul will have hosted yet another successful organization Turkey has completed until now. We will complete this honored and proud. I wish success beforehand to my friends for having a successful congress. I hope that the congress will be beneficiary to both our country and to the global postal sector.”



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