Taking a break from its works during the weekend, the 26th Universal Postal Congress started the new week with the Committee Meeting held in the morning. During the meeting, attended by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Director-General Bishar A. Hussein, as well, the principle of transparency was stressed in sharing the works of the UPU with the member states. The importance of sharing with remote users the works of the Council of Administration through live streaming on the UPU website was expressed. Similarly, the benefits that would be brought about by regularly sharing UPU statistics with stakeholders were discussed. Also frequently underlined by the delegates was that making efficient use of modern technology in carrying out UPU activities would render the works even more fruitful. During the Committee Meeting, negotiations were carried out on the subject of policies to be developed in order to convey UPU services and products to the players in the sector on a wider scope.

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