In the 26th Universal Postal Union Congress, the Committee Meeting on the subject of Integrated Product Plan (IPP) was held on 27 September 2016 before noon with the participation of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) Director-General Bishar Hussein.

In the meeting the scope, applicability and the infrastructure works on the subject of Integrated Product (IPP) were discussed. Several change proposals on the plan given by different countries were evaluated.  The solution proposals on the classification of dispatches which get diversified every day with the necessities of the time and the quality standards to be achieved on the transport were presented.

The Integrated Product Plan is a document prepared by overviewing the current product-service range to meet the needs of the customers that have increased within the framework of e- commerce. The works to finalize the document and making it ready for the Istanbul Postal Strategy continue. Reaching a full consensus between the countries over the plan and actualizing it gradually by considering the various criteria is among one of the important agenda items of  #UPU2016.

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