The Personal Stamp Printing Center is among the special services provided to the delegates within the framework of the 26th Universal Postal Congress and is prepared by PTT Corp. The service provided throughout the year to the citizens on the website drew great interest of the delegates. With the Personal Stamp service located near the main hall in the congress center, the photographs of the delegates before the background of #UPU2016 is printed on stamps in a short time 5 minutes. Therefore, the delegates leave the congress with a very special and meaningful memory.

Having come to Turkey from Romania for the 26th Universal Postal Congress, Nicoleta Micu is among those who has had her personal stamp printed. Micu described this service as a “once in a lifetime experience”. On the 26th Universal Postal Congress, Micu said, “Romania has always supported openly the fact that the Congress is held in Turkey. And we are not disappointed. Everything has been considered in detail and is very well-organized.” Expressing that she is amazed by Istanbul, Micu shared her view that she would like return to Turkey as a tourist after the Congress has finished.


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