Historical decisions are being made at the 26th Universal Postal Congress which is continuing in Istanbul with success. Around 2000 delegates from 192 countries are present at the organization which will shape the future of the postal sector. At the Plenary Meeting held in the morning of 3 October, it was decided that the Ivory Coast would host the 27th Universal Postal Congress.

The Plenary at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center began with the opening speech of our Chairman of Board and Director-General H. E. Kenan BOZGEYİK. Stating that the two weeks of the 26th Congress, which was opened on 20 September, were over, H. E. BOZGEYİK said, “We have reached substantial consensus during the committee meetings which took place in these two weeks and intensive works have been carried out. Many proposals were discussed and approved. Those on which a consensus has not been reached, on the other hand, tried to be resolved. Some of the committee reports have been completed. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all my colleagues on the contributions they have made and offer them my gratitude.” Our Director-General H. E. Kenan BOZGEYİK stated that the peak meeting of this week would be tomorrow’s Ministerial Conference and stated, “During the Ministerial Conference, how citizens can benefit better from postal services, how the post can contribute to economic growth and sustainable development will be discussed. The most important subject to be handled during the Ministerial Conference will be the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations. This Conference, which will be attended by 27 ministers, 24 deputy ministers and 7 ambassadors, will provide the Universal Postal Union with the opportunity to strengthen its position as an intergovernmental institution.”

Director-General of the Universal Postal Union H. E. Bishar HUSSEIN, on the other hand, stressed that the congress in Istanbul is continuing in a very successful way and said, “We are grateful to Turkey.” Stating that the atmosphere got at times too heated and at times too cold during the meetings at the Congress, H. E. HUSSEIN underlined that important decisions were taken during these meetings. Pointing out to the fact that there are certain issues on which consensus is trying to be reached, Director-General H. E. HUSSEIN said, “We have to consider the interests of our Union and sector at all times. I am certain that we will conclude this meeting having taken important future steps together. We will strengthen our Union in a way to serve us better.” Upon the words of H. E. HUSSEIN, our Chairman of Board and Director-General H. E. Kenan BOZGEYİK, on the other hand, stated, “The Universal Postal Union is a very big family. One for all, all for one. Allah willing, we will carry our Universal Postal Union to further points.”


Later on at the Plenary Ivory Coast’s Minister of Post, Information Technologies and Communications H. E. Bruno Nabagné KONE took to the stage and expressed that his country is willing to host the 27th Universal Postal Congress to be organized in 2020. H. E. KONE said, “We want to host the congress of this prestigious union in 2020. Our aim is to realize something that has not become true since 1934, namely to host this congress in the African continent. I want to draw your interest to how successful Turkey is in this regard. Under the leadership of President H. E. Erdoğan, this congress has been organized perfectly. We thank you for your warm hospitality. Come to our continent, our country in 2020; let us form the new era of postal services.” Following H. E. KONE’s speech, Ivory Coast’s hostship of the 27th Universal Postal Union was unanimously accepted.

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