Turkey’s Postal Summit Success


Universal Postal Union, which examined closer the organization of the 26th Universal Postal Congress in Turkey in terms of “safety” due to the coup attempt and terrorist attacks, decided that the most important event of the postal sector would be held in Istanbul between 20 September-7 October owing to the successful contacts of the Turkish authorities and the emphasis of “Our country is very safe.”

Defeating the coup attempt on 15 July by protecting the national will and democracy, Turkey does not allow this attempt and the terrorist attacks to tarnish its “safe country” image. One of the most concrete demonstrations of this fact was observed in the recent days. Owing to the initiatives in the presence of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN), Istanbul was confirmed as the host city of the 26th Universal Postal Congress. Carrying out some for some time analyses and evaluations about the organization of the congress due to the terrorist attacks and the coup attempt in Turkey, the UPU resolved that this important organization of the postal sector would be held in Istanbul owing to the successful contacts of the Turkish authorities and the emphasis of “Our country is very safe.” 
In the meeting of the UPU Council of Administration in Bern on 29 August 2016, the “safety report” presented by Turkey and the detailed risk analysis made by the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) were evaluated. After this evaluation, the fact that the 26th Universal Postal Congress would be held in Istanbul between 20 September- 7 October was finalized by unanimous vote. In his speech addressing the delegates, Director General of the UPU International Bureau Bishar Hussein said, “The Turkish authorities have so far done a commendable job to ensure Congress is secured, going by the information they have shared with the UPU”. Indicating that the preparation regarding the congress proceeds well, Hussein expressed, “Both the Turkish and UPU secretariats have worked efficiently to deliver good results. Furthermore, Turkey has deployed substantial sources to ensure provision of modern facilities for the Congress.”

The Director General Kenan Bozgeyik: We are ready for the Congress.  
Indicating that the Universal Postal Congress is held every four years, Chairman of Board and Director General of the Organization of Post and Telegraph (PTT A.Ş.)  Kenan Bozgeyik said, “The 25th Universal Postal Congress was held in Doha, capital of Qatar in 2012. In that period, as a result of the great support and effort of then-Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications now-our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, it was decided that the 26th Congress would be held in Turkey.”  Indicating that the Universal Postal Union has made evaluations in terms of the congress safety because of the terrorist attacks which happened in Istanbul in the recent months and the malicious coup attempt on 15 July, Bozgeyik expressed, “By attending the meetings held in the recent days, we affirmed that the terrorist attacks are not only the problems of Turkey but a problem of the entire world.  We gave strongly the message that ‘Our country is very secure.’ Recording that the works on the congress are carried out meticulously, Director General Bozgeyik said, “Our country will add a new one to the international organizations which it has hosted very successfully in the recent years.”

The 26th Universal Postal Congress, which will be hosted by PTT A.Ş. under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, will be held at the Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Congress Center. In the congress, which will be attended by about 2 thousand 500 delegates from 192 countries, the “World Postal Strategy” which will be in force between 2017-2020 is to be determined. The four-year strategy, which will be shaped in the light of current technological developments, innovations in the communication sector, common needs, and several problems, will have the name of Istanbul as the congress will be held in there.  Having the aims of developing the operational structure of the postal network, the appearance, use and continuation of use of sustainable and modern products and effective market operation, the “World Postal Strategy” will put an emphasis on the principles of innovation, integration and comprehensiveness.

Ministers of 50 Countries in Conference
One of the most important meetings of the 26th Universal Postal Congress will be the “Ministerial Conference” on 4 October 2016. In the conference with the theme “Distribution of the Sustainable Development: Citizens, Firms and Connecting the Countries”, there will be sessions under the headings of “Fostering Development through Social and Financial Inclusion”, “Facilitating and Driving the Trade”, “Unlocking the Potential of The Post in a Digital Economy” and “Posting the Future: Global Coalition for Transformation” will be held. The proceedings of the conference, which will be attended by around 50 UPU member country ministers, who are members of UPU, will be the basis of the four-year postal strategy.
After the congress, which will be held in Istanbul, the Chair of the Council of Administration one of the main organs of UPU, will be assumed by the Republic of Turkey until the congress to be held in 2020.  As the majority of the documents will be sent digitally to the delegates, the 26th Universal Postal Congress will be referred as “paper-friendly congress”.

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